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    Promote ‘What’s On’ info to WIYP and Ensure Waterford’s ENTE is well represented on the (new) VISIT Waterford ‘one-stop’ web page

    Agenda: Movement

    Update: Get venues to share ‘what’s on’ at one-stop pages

    Partners: Steering Group, Working Group, Visit Waterford

    Resources Required: Visit Waterford – expected completion by Q2


    Sharing of ‘What’s On’ pages by stakeholders vital to gain traction.
    Work with Visit Waterford website team to promote the evening and night time attractions on-going. Anyone wishing to have their details uploaded to the site can forward their details to us and we will ensure it gets passed on. Same applies to anyone wishing to update photos/details.

    Flash Gordon

    was talking to S.C.N.E. and Jordan can put an API on the Visit Waterford Site to Automatically update events without input needed

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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