What are the common problems people face when creating a Wikipedia page?

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    Alexander Robertson

    Creating a Wikipedia page can be a complex process, and there are several common problems people face:

    Notability – One of the biggest challenges people face while Creating a Wikipedia page is meeting Wikipedia’s notability guidelines. The site requires that all articles meet a certain level of notability to be included in the encyclopedia. This can be challenging for new or lesser-known subjects.

    Conflict of interest – Wikipedia has strict guidelines on conflicts of interest, and editors are not allowed to create articles about themselves or their organizations. This can be a problem for people who want to create a page about themselves or their business.

    Copyright violations – Wikipedia is very strict about copyright violations and plagiarism. Editors are required to use only verifiable sources and to properly cite them.

    Editorial standards – Wikipedia has strict editorial standards that must be followed. Articles must be written in a neutral point of view and be properly formatted with the correct citations.

    Rejection or deletion – Even if an article is successfully created, it may be rejected or deleted if it does not meet Wikipedia’s guidelines. This can be frustrating for editors who have put time and effort into creating an article.

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